Marijuana Marketing Strategy : Part 1

Posted on January 26th, 2016

Marijuana Marketing Strategy : Part 1

Marijuana Marketing Strategy : Part 1

Effective digital marketing, including social media marketing are important to the success and growth of any business, especially new businesses. But with the current status of cannabis still vulnerable, many marijuana startups are finding it difficult to navigate their way through all of the advertising restrictions that have been placed on new business owners. It's even harder to build national awareness across the varying limitations of state and federal laws. What can you do for your marijuana business to reach and build the audience of cannabis consumers your brand is hoping to attract?

The cannabis industry may be severely limited in the type of marketing and advertising it can do, but there are still various tactics cannabis businesses can implement to legally increase awareness of their brand. Here are a few key do's and don'ts when crafting your marketing strategy:

Don’t Market Your Cannabis Business to or Near Minors: Be smart about the branding you use and the locations you choose to advertise at, keeping age restrictions in mind. Our industry is growing quickly, but its still in its early stages, which means a lot of people are raising questions and concerns about cannabis legalization's impact on minors. Creating messaging that targets minors is not only going to hurt your business's image, it's also harming the overall perception of the cannabis industry.

Don't Infringe on Any Existing Brands' Copyrights, Regardless of the Industry: Established mainstream companies probably aren't going to be keen on having their brands and trademarks mimicked by a cannabis company. Look back no further to last spring, when Hershey's sued a dispensary for trademark infringement after the dispensary began carrying edibles called "Reefer's Cups" and "Mr. Dankbar." These big brands have the money to go after a small, newly established cannabis company, and they will if they want to disassociate themselves from marijuana.

Don’t give up, even if your Cannabis businesses may be limited to advertise through the standard, mainstream channels.

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